Of Blogging Platforms and Silk

After several months on Drupal, we decided that working smart was the wiser course. So, the websites built on Drupal got wiped, and they were started anew from exports of the old sites. So far, it seems that links are working.

However, this is a work in progress to be addressed when we’re not teaching/weaving/resting/or doing some other thing that we want to do.

This weekend, we are going to silk farming country to look at some silk worms, hopefully get another mulberry tree, and to buy some silk, yarn and fabric. Some old ladies have yards upon yards of beautifully woven silk that they are keen to get rid of. The fabric was woven in 1980, and when you consider that the kind of looms on which they worked, likely without temples, the edges are remarkably straight.

Sadly, weaving is a lost art in much of China because the young are content with store-bought and see no value in hand-wovens. The elderly say that the young think hand-weaving is too much bother, too much time, though some of them know how to weave, if they live in farming country, that is. Such a pity that so great a skill is dying out.

Perhaps if we have time, we may return to the silk farming community with the new Ashford and sit at the feet of the old women and learn a thing or two.