New yarn today. I got a lovely 100% bamboo yarn which has a strand of lurex added to give it glitter. Lovely colors. They will be prices at $3 per 70 gram ball. Don’t ask me about the yardage because I don’t know. Neither does the vendor. I will ask h to ask the factory, but I doubt they know either since they deal with weight, and not length, here.

As for other yarns, well, this is what the 30% wool-65% cotton-with silk-tencil blend looks like.


These are in balls of one pound plus, and they will be sold as per demand. For example, if someone wants a one pound ball of a particular color, cool. Similarly, if they want 1/2 pound or 1/4 pound of it. I’m getting a yarn ball winder and will just do some of this stuff into balls.

I’ve also got another wool-cotton-silk-tencil blend with fantastic colors.


So, that’s it for new stock. I’m itching to buy the camel blend.