Carpe Diem

I’m supposed to be heading to the shower to go out, to beat the construction traffic tie up, but I couldn’t resist the chance to blog because I got connected after experiencing lots of connection failures. Whoo hoo!

Yet, I don’t have much to say, and that is sad. Still, I have to say this, I am seriously considering moving the blog to because of problems connecting. I do like this WordPress community, and I don’t want the hassle of reposting all the stuff. Nevertheless, I do have to think about a move, or maybe cross-posting, while I am in China.

Ah, I went to yarn vendors on Tuesday, and one woman in particular will never be a supplier for Simply Warped. Why? She, again, tried to take advantage of my substandard Chinese. She has yarn she said is 100% lamb’s wool, and the price was decent. Then, I did the burn test, or my friend who was with me did it. There was a little hard ball at the end of the burn. I don’t know what other yarn is in there, but it’s not 100% lamb’s wool. It could be rayon, nylon, some other ‘on’ but not 100% lamb’s wool.

The thing is, the yarn is nice, and I will sell some, but I won’t buy it from her. That’s all. The difficulty of buying yarn here is that a lot of the vendors cannot really tell you yarn content of some of the yarn. Some can. Those are the ones I prefer to buy from. Some yarn labels I can read, and some are vague.

Whatever, in true American fashion, I am up front with my customers and want vendors to be up front with me. So, some of my yarns will have ‘other content unknown’ as part of their specs.