It’s been a while since I blogged. Part of it is being at Haywood and just plugging away at floor loom production weaving. The other is that, for several months, I had no internet except when I was at Haywood. Then, I had no time cuz the store was a priority; however, even that was a nightmare cuz the while I had internet on the iPhone, first with T-Mobile, and then with Straight Talk, there was no joy in trying to work the store via iPhone.

Last semester, we started off with plain weave; next, we did twill; then, we did blocks. The program at Haywood CC is excellent. Endless production deadlines, all the time. Deadlines for gamps/samples. Deadline for projects. We lived, ate, and slept deadlines.

This semester, we’ve got five classes—including Shibori, Dyeing, and Weaving, in which we did block double weave. We have more intense projects and less weaving studio time than last semester, so there’s more pressure. The pressure is good, though. Nothing puts you in a business production frame of mind like a deadline.

So, since there is now, temporarily, internet away from Haywood, I’ve added the Simply Warped Facebook page.

Mosey on over to The Gallery and eyeball The Two Natures, completed last December, and Fearful Symmetry—A Sketch, completed on Valentine’s Day. What a Valentine!