Definitely fits!

So I started building my site over at, backed it up and canceled my new account cuz they had this great weekend special, a lifetime account at 50% off. So, I thought I’d restore the site from backup. That didn’t happen, so now I have to rebuild it from scratch. After a weekend of no Internet because the account password was somehow mysteriously changed, there’s ‘net again, so last night I brought the site back up.

This blog is supposed to be about weaving and such, but the only weaving I’ve done is box weaving. It’s nice, but tedious. I’m weaving this bag for my friend and she doesn’t want any pictures. No tapestry, and I don’t have time to do any lazies to create a pattern, so I’m bored to death by the bag.

Anyway, I’ve yet to add the blog to the website, and once I do that (it may get done before the store is completed and populated), links here will direct there. The irony of it is now that I spent the cash on getting my own domain, I’m going back home!

So, lots of packing during the day, after teaching, of course, and website building at night. Box weaving between the breaks.