Delights of Rigid Heddle Weaving

We never thought we would utter such blasphemous words. After all, tapestry weaving is our forte, and we have marginal interest in other forms of weaving. However, the desire to push the bounds and experiment with new forms in tapestry weaving necessitated that we learn basic and more complex weave structures. One never knows what will come in handy.

So, yesterday, after assembling the new Ashford 32″, the big question was “what to weave”? A mat for the floor in front of the bed? A scarf? Something. What thing?

We began warping the Ashford with 8/2 hemp, natural color, then we stopped, having accomplished less than a quarter of the warping. Flash, color, excitement, glitz, and a definite weaving project is what we need. The recognition of that brought the warping to a swift end. Instead of the 8/2, we will purchase some balls of wool and have at it.

As a tapestry weaver, we tend to prefer 6- or 8-strand yarns simply because there is much more opportunity for color blending on the bobbin. When you need just a hint, a soupcon of a particular color, a mere suggestion, one strand of a color is enough. This determination to learn as much as possible about weave structures, to follow some of the existing patterns on the way to learning means that a different type of weft is needed.

The possibilities are endless and exciting. With bottle of good wine, balls of good yarn, the Ashford, and us, much delight awaits ahead.