Done for the day


The Eye of the Beholder should have been completed a week ago but it’s slow going. Even though I’m working with a cartoon, what is inked on the warps is different from the cartoon, and both the woven tapestry and the cartoon don’t really reconcile with what is inside my head. So, I changed the name of the tapestry with the result that there is some reconciliation.

Why name it The Eye of the Beholder? I am wondering that, too. Part of it is that that is the name that came to mind. The other, or, another part of it is that viewing is perspectival. Take for instance, an accident. Three people looking at the same accident will see three different things. Sure, there are some absolutes: the accident; however, the details are different. They are perspectival.

So, what you see when you look at something has to do with you, your history, experience, education, your entailments that you bring to the viewing and which shape how your brain, your mind, your heart, your thoughts, and your emotions process what you see. This doesn’t mean there are no absolutes. There are. Without the absolute, you have nothing to see, and so on.

The Eye of the Beholder is what I saw when I looked at NASA’s Rover image of some distant planet. It’s perspectival.