What you do and say are shaped by the entailments that comprise your life.

Who are you? Where were you born? How did you grow up? What did you study? What are huge influences in your life?

These questions provide an idea of some of the entailments that become part of your work. If you have a curious mind, then your entailments can be unlimited.

If you’re big into classification, you might wish to characterize entailments as physiological, psychological, sociological. That covers a lot of life territory.

Why all the blather about entailments? Man Without Limits, is why, of course, and the awareness of how many of mine are woven into the tapestry. Mine is a weltanschauung shaped primarily by theology, literature of earlier ages—I’m singularly uninterested in what passes for modern literature—history, and observation of and reflection on events. Men are not objects of disdain for me, unless they’re metro- or spornosexual, or just plain castrati. But, I repeat myself.

Given my entailments, I would say MWL is a hymn, an ode to real men wherever they are.

No PC view of men here.