Finally, Mirrix!

After owning the Mirrix for more than a year—it was supposed to go to China with me last year—I finally assembled it, and am going to warp it. The warp coils remind of the Hardanger Flid Eva, which is basically another Mirrix, but made with wood. The Eva, either rods or bars, twisted under pressure on first use. Not good. The upside is that the spring bar from the Eva will be used on the Mirrix since the seller—I bought it used—didn’t give me the original spring bar.

What do I like about the Mirrix so far? Its width and the materials seem sturdy. Plus, it came with treadles and lots of extras from the seller and the price was really low! What I don’t like so far is exactly what I didn’t like about the Eva and the small Brennan loom I made: without warps to hold top and bottom together, you need a strap to hold the naked bars in place when moving it. The alternative is to turn the loom on its side and hold it by the side bars. I don’t like that because I worry about bending the bars, which won’t really happen, and a 32″ top beam is not really comfortable to carry that way. So, I must find a heavy duty strap or weave a snap on carry band with handle. Everybody says the Mirrix is wonderful to weave on. We’ll see.

The other thing is, remember this is a used loom, I have four warp coils and don’t know which is what size, except the slightly stretched one which is size 14. Somehow, I’ll figure it out but it would be nice to have a guide. If there is one out there, I’ll post details about it when I find it.

What I would like Mirrix to do, even though their loom comes assembled, is provide a warping bar that is long enough that you don’t have to angle the clips inward. So, I’ll head to Home Depot or some place like that to find something that can fit snugly without having to adjust the clips that way. Maybe it will work. Maybe it won’t. What matters is that I’ll have tried to find my own solution to an irritant instead of bothering the company about it.

I’ve not done much weaving since I came home, except some work on Let There Be Light which I’m doing for a friend.