Giving Myself Fits!

It’s been many a year since I quit website building, and now I’m paying the price for not keeping my hands in.

At first, I was going to stick with WordPress, but, then, I decided I wanted the site to be a store, a weaving blog, an English research paper writing class, and a place for continuing novel writing. Therefore, I looked to Drupal, and that’s where the fits have come in.

Drupal has changed much since I ran a blog on it years ago. While it’s still an exciting CMS, it comes with a learning curve, or, in this case, a re-learning curve. So, I’ve installed, deleted, re-installed and so on a whole lot over the past few days. Finally, today, the store site was fully installed.

Over the next few days, configuring and modifying will be the order of things. Then I will move the blog over post by post … unless I can find a way to download all the posts and reload them in Drupal.

The point of it all is to avoid the whole can’t-access-the-site nightmare, and to expand.

Why do I want to have an online English writing classroom? Frankly, a lot of people can’t write, and it’s tiring reading poor prose chockfull of grammatical, spelling, and sentence construction errors. Besides, I want to do this. There’s somebody out there who wants to and has to write a paper and doesn’t know how, and wants to learn how. The is somebody out there who won’t mind brutal criticism–eh, sorry, I don’t sugar-coat. If you want to learn, take it bark and all. There’s somebody out there who won’t mind being told to re-do from the ground up, who won’t mind learning how to think in a logical and very structured manner. That person would be quite welcome at Didaskale, the name of the new site, when it goes up, of course.

So, when I can get on here, I will post here. When I can’t, I won’t hurt my heart over it. What I want to retain is the marvelous WP community of people with like interests. So, this site will remain active.