Going up the Mountain

We’ve been reading the Book of Exodus for the longest while, a few verses per day, in Hebrew to keep our hard won skills sharp. At present, we are arrived at the intended destination: Exodus 19. This is where God calls Moses up the mount of Sinai. The end result of this call is the abiding Presence of God in the midst of His people.

No longer is He the pillar of fire and smoke that stands between His people and their enemies. After Exodus 19, and even to this day, God comes down amongst us, to dwell with us.

In Exodus, He is eminently untouchable though in the people’s midst. This descent of God to live with His people is repeated in the incarnation of Christ Jesus, who is eminently touchable. Still, even in Christ, as in Exodus, we encounter the back side of God because this is all we can experience in the now. In the not yet, in the eschaton, we will experience God face to face, and we shall see Him as He is.