Ground to a Halt

As I said–or did I?–Freja is warped again, 14 epi, for a 46cm x 35cm tapestry. The hem is laid down with a double row of soumak dividing the end of the hem from the beginning of the tapestry. Never mind that Vanity of Vanities has gone silent–who knew the thing would shut up so suddenly?–I still marked up the cartoon into quadrants, added corresponding lines on the warp. Still, nothing.

I’ve even pulled out another design for a tapestry to be called Let There Be Light, did a cartoon for that. Still nothing.

I’ve laid down a couple passes of weft for some tapestry, I don’t know which one. Still nothing.

Now, I don’t know what to do.

Maybe I will take a break from sitting on my rear, go out and take some pix for a series of Chinese-themed tapestries I’m planning, called Putong De, meaning, Common Things or common scenes of everyday, swiftly-changing life in China. Now, all I’ll have to worry about is someone snatch and grabbing my camera. (Hey! Valid concern! Someone did snatch and grab my old iPhone 3G with the wonky wireless.)