The Hemp

The two cones of 100% hemp yarn, 8.5/1 and 10/2, came two days ago.
The cones are short, squat, fat cones of hemp weighing about 1.6 KG each. That’s a lot of hemp yarn.

Well, it so happens that we are expecting the new 32″ Ashford rigid heddle loom in a week or two. We don’t wish to say that we are slavering, but we are salivating at the prospect of experimenting with the hemp.

What to weave? We requested and the vendor agreed to replace the usual 7.5 dent heddle for a 12.5 dent one. Whoo-hoo! Sure, it is possible to weave rugs with a 7.5 dent heddle, or at least we, in our blessed ignorance, think so. However, with a 12.5 dent heddle it is even more possible to weave BOTH rugs AND tapestry, or whatever captures our fancy.

The point of the acquisition is merely to learn to weave. To learn the fine art of weaving with a mindset towards applying the new knowledge and skills gained to the weaving of tapestry. It’s all about tapestry with us, where the rubber hits the road. Every loom we have is for tapestry. We delight and wallow in it.

So, if that means weaving towels and other such cloths, we will take our lead from other weavers who have mastered the art of cloth-weaving. It is a fine and grand adventure we shall set upon when that Ashford arrives.

The hemp will play a signficant role in it. Will 10/2 hemp be adequate for warp, or will it be better suited to weft? What about 8.5/1?

Who knows? The weaving gods know! Tune in, same time, same channel!…