Lillstina, reductio telae

Recently, a 350-mile roundtrip brought home Lillstina—a 36″ 4-harness 6-treadle folding Swedish floor loom with light but thick beams, a short dumpy workhorse who can handle everything from scarves to rugs. Thick legs spread wide even when folded, Lilly could not fit in the trunk of the car. Came careful dismounting and even more careful maneuvering. The rear beam, with warp on it, was tied on to the trunk lid; the castle and front beam assiduously angled into the rear seat of the car. Extracting Lilly’s front beam from that rear seat was an adventure in pure geometry and physics. All planes, angles, leverage, and forward motion.

It is not possible to obtain a new toy without showing it off. Only the friendless and lonely don’t show off new toys. So Lilly received her due: inspection from a friend and fellow weaver. Delight over her hinged beater; approval of Lilly’s extras; suggestions about reed cleaning; wonder over her horses; promises to search the books for info on Lilly’s tribe, the counterbalance loom. The happy pronouncement, Lilly is an excellent deal, needing some slight expenditure to make her a fully functioning loom. No preening here.

Shot string heddles stripped and new Texsolv ones ordered, grime removed with Spartan Dust-Mop Dust Remover and Murphy’s Oil Soap, Lillstina glowed.

As she patiently awaits her new Texsolv heddles, Lilly stands on the floor, feet aspraddle, her guts leaning against wool stash bins at her side. Her day of dressing is nigh.