Linen Yarn

After dropping the connection several times, it looks like the connection is stabilizing. In my dreams. Anyway, here’s hoping it stays long.

Two sample cones of 100% natural linen came in the mail today. One is 20/1 and the other is 15/1. The vendor swore up and down that it is suitable for warp. The truth of that assertion is extremely difficult to see because the single yarn count does not look like it can withstand the pressure of warping for non-tapestry weaving.

It is also extremely doubtful that either of those yarn counts can be used to warp a tapestry loom, but that will be put to the test.

Reader input would be helpful and very much appreciated in determining the answer to the 20/1 or 15/1 as warp question.

Sigh. The tunnel connection dropped again. No stable means of connecting to the blog anymore. Connecting took another eight minutes and lots of persistence.