Loom Talk

Before I returned to China last year, I purchased a Mirrix 32″ (or is it a 36″) tapestry loom complete with treadles and other bells and whistles. The Mirrix was neatly packed in its box inside a padded portable piano case I’d bought at a thrift store. In the bag were cartoons for tapestry yet unwoven, as well as Bocken’s 10 warp.

Well, what do you know? Upon leaving home, I left the Mirrix in the hallway just inside the door. Fortunately, the Glimåkra Freja traveled with me, and that is what the current tapestries are woven on. For warp, I’m using a really substandard four-play cotton string I purchased here in south-east China. I could’ve got Bocken’s but don’t know why I didn’t. Lazy.

Anyway, how’s the Glimåkra Freja holding up? It’s doing pretty well. Easy to warp. The tensioning system is very much up to the task, and the loom itself does not bend, fold, or mutilate under warp pressure, unlike the Hardanger Flid loom I bought back in 2009.

Besides the Glimåkra Freja, I have other looms back home, other than Lillstina, that is. There’s Big Mac, what I call the big, wide, and very sturdy four-harness Macomber loom that was given me by a guild sister. The first thing I did was strip that bad boy down, use steel wool, Murphy’s soap, and Danish Oil to bring him back to high quality goodness after having been in storage for several years. So, Big Mac sits in my weaving studio in pride of place.

There are also two tapestry looms. One is a generic no name, about 27” wide, floor standing loom, which I acquired from a woman in Georgia. That was the loom used to weave Boadicea. The other is a 36” wide Glimakra that I got from another guild sister for pretty much what she paid for it. I had planned to weave Vanity of Vanities on it but came to China instead.

This year, I’m hoping to acquire a Toika Maria, the old style Toika tapestry loom. It’s big and strong and sturdy, and it reminds of the Glimåkra Regina and the Varpaapu tapestry looms I’ve been drooling over. If anyone has either of those looms and wants to get rid of them, desperately, drop me a line.

If anybody is coming to China and wants to bring the Mirrix for me, that a good and funny all right, I won’t say no.