Last year, before returning to China, I vowed to my friend Ingrid that I would learn to weave something besides tapestry. Keep that promise, since I’d not traveled with a loom, resulted in the purchase of an Ashford 32″ RH, followed by a second heddle kit.

Diligently, I wove scarves for friends here, and a long sampler which I cut in two to make to wall hangings. It was a good learning experience, not yet completed. Nevertheless, through it all, the heart yearned and the fingers desired to pluck at the warp on a tapestry loom. My friend didn’t want Wa Thongo, so it remained unfinished on the small tapestry frame with no inclination to undo it.

After the last scarf was completed, I warped the Ashford for tapestry. Oh my, the Ashford didn’t like that one bit. Weave, undo all the way down to the hem, start again, weave, undo everything, weave, undo…. The Ashford wanted what it wanted, and I wanted what I wanted. So, I got a 9″ Mirrix.

The project that was intended to be done, woven large, on the Ashford, is now on the Mirrix. The Mirrix is happy.

Though my heart is firmly fixed on tapestry, I want to have a well-rounded weaving studio to pass on the art of weaving to others. So, I decided to go back to school. Two schools, no less. TAFE in Australia, and Haywood in the USA. Then there is an upcoming workshop with Marilyn Rea-Menzies in New Zealand later this year.

Afterwards, I’ll go ahead and fulfill two life missions: to the Church, primarily, and to weaving, secondarily. There is boundless joy at the prospect of the first, and tremendous satisfaction at the thought of the second.