Never Again

On the back burner of my mind, there’s a tapestry project that needs to be done—especially with the increase in Islam-fueled anti-Semitism in the world today. It’s not that anti-Semitism does not exist without Muslims; rather, it is that they fuel it, as an article if their ideology, and they do everything they can to sweep the rest of the world along in their madness.

Anyway, the tapestry will be called Never Again! For the past few weeks, I’ve watched several documentaries on Nazi Germany. Repeatedly. The images from the concentration camps are horrendously heartbreaking. Yet, in spite of all that suffering, it seems we have forgotten. We are being swept away by familiar demonic forces summoned by the descendants of those who begged Hitler to kill the Jews and faster. Left unchecked, the world could soon be on the brink of a new Holocaust.

Weaving the dead is one thing, but the magnitude of the suffering … how to weave that? What is the color of suffering, of horror, of despair? What is the color of crying out to God and asking ‘Abba, where are you in all this?’

More than that, I want people to see themselves in the slaughtered and starved. Those faces and decimated bodies; those limp and dead bodies bulldozed, as though they were but rotting skin and bone refuse, into mass graves for the sake of the health of the living who put them there … those faces and bodies need to be seen, to be brought to our consciousness so that the horror of them comes again to appall us, to make us say ‘never again!’