New Loom

This morning, we were told that our new RH loom was delivered yesterday. Today, we are going to collect it.

To avoid the frustration of keeping an RH loom firmly clamped, we have got in the habit of warping the RH as if it were a vertical tapestry loom. We tried this with the Schacht that was so foolishly left back home, thus necessitating the new purchase. Here’s how we did it:

  • Place the hooks over a door.
  • Hang the loom on the hooks so it is vertical.
  • Tie the warp threads on to the back beam over and warp away

Since we are not overly blessed with patience, this method is less stressful and the warping proceeds quite rapidly.

If you are going from back to front or front to back, whichever suits your fancy, hang and tie accordingly. We will take pictures once we begin to warp the new Ashford.