New loom

A friend gave me some hard board–I have no idea of its composition, suffice it to say, it is not wood. Anyway, with the newly discovered “office pins,” I made a small loom, 5.5″ x 6.75″, out of a portion of it. Here’s how to make such a loom:

1. Measure off 1/8″ segments across the top and bottom, making sure there are an odd-numbered set of marks.
2. Insert the pins at the marks along the invisible centerline of the narrow top edge. Make sure none of the pins protrude on either back or front side. If they do, reseat them in the same hole centering them.
3. Wrap the finished loom in duct tape or whatever you fancy to give it a bit of a finished look.
4. Tie a slip not around the first pin on the left side first pin and begin warping the new loom.
5. If the loom is long enough, weave in a couple of flashcards against which to weave a straight line hem.
6. Tie soumak knots on the warps, to prevent weft slippage when you cut off the tapestry, and begin weaving the hem.
7. Happy weaving.



So, I’m just using it to review structures and techniques. Now, I can weave wherever I go, on the bus, sitting around waiting for someone, while students are busy working, wherever. More importantly, now I can experiment without tying up Freja.