New Tapestry

After several days of drawing a blank and silence from Vanity of Vanities, I decided to move on. Actually, I was going to hang in until Vanity agreed to be woven on the Freja. It hasn’t. However, a new design is on the horizon.

I was at my friend’s place of business yesterday when a vendor appeared on the scene. Tall woman, slim, great facial bones, powerful colors of clothing. She was a fruit seller, and over her shoulder was the traditional bamboo slat with a carrying basket on each end.

Amazed, I watched her approach and pass by before my brain and camera clicked into gear. Then I hustled after her and was able to get a shot off, a good and dramatic one, too, before she made her objection to being photographed. After years of being photographed without my consent here, I say turn about is fair play.

The shot showed up beautifully in photoshop, and there’s the next tapestry. The first of the China tapestries series called Putong De, meaning ordinary things. In China, I see beauty in the ordinary things that the average Chinese take for granted or disdain. So, The Banana Seller is the new title. It’s the one that speaks now but may change its voice later on.