New Yarn

Weaving is going blah. I’m working on Let There Be Light and I’ve Got the Blues, as well as on the box bag for my friend. Working on the box bag teaches me, again, that if I’m not weaving tapestry I don’t feel like I’m weaving just drudging. So sad.

I live an hour away, in the morning, from the university where I teach and 1.5-2.5 hours away in the evening. Over-crowded streets, big trucks, road construction, electric motorbikes, badly driven cars are all part of the fun and adventure in navigating a path too and from work. Today, I left school at about 5:20 or so. I didn’t get here until after 7:30 PM, eating exhaust from big trucks the whole way.

Anyway, I found a supplier for some 20/2 and 15/2 100% natural linen yarn, linen-cotton blend, 100% ramie and such. I’ve also got a source close at hand for wool-cotton blend. So, I’m going to do some buying this week and stock up Simply Warped. Exciting. Excited.