Old Projects

You don’t need a loom in order to weave, but having one makes it better. If you can’t afford to purchase a loom, in a pinch, one can be made out of almost anything, as can be seen from my something-board loom.

Here are a couple more looms. The first is a bag loom made from foam board and tooth picks wood-glued into the top of the board. I was weaving Let There Be Light as a gift for a friend, and realized that it would be better done as a small tapestry instead of a bag. That adjustment in thinking will definitely affect the finishing because now there must be room for a hem at the top and bottom to ensure the weft doesn’t slip.


This is a smaller bag loom made by the same process. I’ve made a number of these, smaller. For finishing, I like to line them with soft and glossy satiny fabrics. Sometimes, I use a genuine jade bead to make a clasp and to give the bag extra value and oomph.