On the Warps Again

I’ve been weaving since I got up this morning, after saying prayers, and I like how MWL is coming along. I also know why I’m using the colors I am in the current section being woven, and the reason is consistent with my entailments and my hermeneutic of the title of the tapestry.

In under a week, given that I’m marking papers and will be marking exams next week, that tapestry should be finished. Then, I’m going to unpick a section on the left and redo it in different colors because it doesn’t seem congruent with the rest. The message is the same; well, sort of, but from my perspective it doesn’t quite fit.

That’s the point of Einstein’s Relativity Theory, isn’t it? Or it is one of the points, at least. In physics, things are perspectival relative to the individual and the object being observed. Truth, however, is not perspectival, is not relative. No matter your stance, truth is unchanging. That’s another point of Einstein’s: ideas relative to physics are not correlative to human values. In physics relativity, in life absolutes.

Anyway, the only way to solve the perspectival and congruency problem in MWL is to undo and redo that one section.