Portable Looms

I found a portable loom online for $8 and bought it for the grand sum of $14, including shipping, and warped it with a very strong 3/4 cotton warp, military grade.

The warp is terrific, very strong. When woven, it is surprisingly soft. And there’s the rub.

In warping the little loom, I was careful to pull the warp as tightly as I could because it has no tensioner. Nevertheless, the warp has softened from contact with my hands and maybe from humidity. So, instead of guitar string warp threads, I now have California surfer dude warps. Some just sag there and have to be coaxed up to allow the passage of the weft.

As every tapestry weaver knows, that is not good. I’ve inserted a warp stick to increase tension, but the surfer dudes refuse to play ball.

Perhaps, the best option is to tighten the warps, but that may affect the alignment of the weft. Besides, this little loom is naturally spaced at 5 epi, and I weave at 12 epi or so. So, I improvised by triple warping. The result is I’m not quite sure which consecutive warps to pull to tighten them all. So, another alternative is to undo the weaving and rewarp because the sagging warps are driving me nuts.