Progress and Discoveries


The Eye of The Beholder has undergone a significant change. Late last night, I began undoing the weft on the right side of the circle all the way down to the bottom. Then, today, I rewove it. All the while, something inside me was humming, “yes, that’s it! It works!”

How did I reweave that section without undoing the circle? Tapestry needles. The Eye must be finished before August ends because come September it’s back to work. My dream is to work only at tapestry weaving.

Anyway, in looking at the picture of today’s work on The Eye, I realized that now I know how to employ a technique I’ve been beating myself up about. I’ve been wanting to create a ghostly effect, having a seemingly transparent object in the foreground over a solid object in the background.

Today’s image tells me that the way to do that is to weave the foreground object using one strand of a color which sharply distinguishes the foreground from the background. For example, look at today’s rendering of The Eye. See how the turquoise overlays the lighter background so that the turquoise seems transparent. That’s the ghostly effect.