Quirky Is As Quirky Does

So, the loom was all dressed to weave The Banana Seller in the Putong De Series. The bobbins, yarns, scissors and such were laid out as precisely as a surgical tray. Then, whaddaya know?! Guess who stepped up? The Conversation, another tapestry in the series. This one is about two men standing, in the gloaming, here in Nanning, eating something and chatting. I liked the position of their bodies in relation to each other, how they stood relaxed, at ease, friends.

The loom is set up with 12/6 Bocken’s warp at 14 e.p.i. The weft is a silk-wool blend which feels really delicious to the touch.

The Conversation is being woven in various shades of grey, white, a few touches of black, and will look like this:


It will lead naturally into The Banana Seller which will be a study in line in tapestry, woven almost entirely in black and white with a few greys.

There you have it. The Conversation pipped The Banana Seller at the post. Who cares? It is as I told my Chinese friend: there is beauty in the ordinary, everyday things in China. I don’t need no stinkin’ cherry blossoms or dragons or images of traditional dress. All I have to do is look around and see people doing everyday things.