Redesigning a design

I’ve been weaving Men Without Limits on the small Mirrix. I started off using the design of a young graphic designer. That didn’t gel.

Then, I created my own design. That isn’t working out well either. I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve asked myself ‘what does the phrase “men without limits” mean’? I’ve answered the question at length. The design incorporated the answer to the question. Yet, the weaving is more undo than do.

So, I’m starting again. The warp remains the same: 100% 60/8 mulberry silk. That a really strong and sweet warp which sits nicely and strongly on the Mirrix. The weft, now unwoven, was mostly silk and silk blends. It’s good to be a buyer and seller of silk.

Still, it wasn’t working out. For one, the design, in retrospect, looks over designed. It was symbolic. I mean, what’s a man without limits supposed to look like? You see?

Once, a long time ago, I saw a poster at MoMA Neptune Rising from the Foam. I didn’t buy it, and I’ve lived to regret that I didn’t from that day onward. It was primal, strong, powerful, beast-like. It was a man without limit. I don’t know who painted it, though I’ve long searched. It is that power, that force, energy, strength, primal beast ness that I want to capture in Men Without Limits.

How to do it without weaving the work of some long dead artist? So, it’s back to the design and the drawing book.