Simply Warped at Etsy

I’m setting up Simply Warped to sell yarn, yarn, and yarn over at Etsy.

What kind of yarn, you ask? Right now, uncarded white silk batt, carded silk, silk yarn. What I have right now in 2.2 lb./1 kg cones is this:

100% 2/15 silk
75%-25% 2/15 silk-cotton blend
100% 2/24 linen

The uncarded silk batt and the carded silk come in one pound weights.

Later on, I will have other wool and wool blend yarns, camel, rabbit, marten, and whatever I can purchase for resale.

Though Simply Warped over at Etsyisn’t up and running yet, I can entertain orders and requests if buyers want something I have or want me to obtain something.

Remember, i am presently in China, so for the time being, once a week, all orders will be shipped, express, in bulk from China to the USA, where individually pre-packaged orders will be mailed out to the buyer.