So Long! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehen! Adieu!

Today was my last exam, and I said goodbye to my English majors. It was very difficult because the kids are so sweet. They gave me very thoughtful parting gifts that will hold pride of place in my home in the USA because their gifts carry their images, hopes, and dreams.

This third English major class is different from the second group I taught. The second group were slackers. This group listened and tried hard to do what I asked them to, and I loved them for that.

Once the exams are graded, and the papers and scores are turned in, the last tie to the university will have been cut. Already, I have begun to miss China and the many friends I’ve made here because both have been good to me. Already, my mind and face are increasingly set towards home, and also towards the Caribbean.

In later years, when I look back, I will see my time in China as that period when my life began to change and I learned lessons that stood me in good stead for the final phase of my life.