Sometimes You Pause

There are days you can’t weave because you’re too busy. Then, there are days you can’t weave because something is wrong with the work and you don’t have a clue what the problem is. The latter is my situation this week.

Taking snapshots of MWL yielded no clue. So, busy with exams and living, I walked away from MWL again. I did oral exams with my students, went on a pearl-buying trip to Beihai, did more oral exams. Still no clue.

Then, harking back to the notion of unweaving four sections, I unwove one, extracted one color and added one strand each of the another color but with different tonal values. VoilĂ ! Congruency! Coherency! Excitement! No more need to unweave.

Still, I cannot yet rationalize why I am using the colors I am in the area I’m presently weaving. Usually, I know exactly why. I just think I know why but there are gaps in my knowledge of what I want to say. So, the best thing is to weave slowly, listen to the tapestry, and let the work flow from that.