Spinning the Blues

A couple of days ago, I set my hand to drop spindling some Oz wool rolag my friend Xiao Ning got for me from her friend who does felted art. Anyway, I wanted to determine if the rolag could be spun, and discovered it could. Here’s the drop spindle I used, and it spun a fine and strong yarn that I should be able to use in weaving a tapestry. Well, I liked it, anyway.

I started off with spinning a most dreadful green … on second thoughts, not so dreadful, just obvious. The green was joined to the white, by which time my technique had improved and the yarn’s thickness became finer. Eventually, the white was joined to the pink. Hurrah!

Also, I’m working on I’ve Got the Blues, which is a small tapestry in shades of blue. All I’m doing is laying down color without serious thought to design. At some point, I might want to impose a design on it, but who knows. Anyway, I’m going for weave texture and structure. So, it’s not all yarn; there’s also some ribbon there.

Did I say tapestries have voice? I believe I did. This one must be mute.