Still sleepless in the early AM

Traveling from the Far East, especially after you’ve been living there, one of the big obstacles to adjusting back to EST is that 12 hour difference between EST and Beijing time. The jet lag, especially for older folks, cannot be dismissed, but the time adjustment… aye, there’s the rub.

Only once have I slept through the night since I returned early last Wednesday morning. Upon rising the next morning, I felt as though I had accomplished something great and wonderful. That euphoria didn’t last too long. Since then, it’s been rise at 3 AM, 2 AM, and now 1:45 AM.

Some people, like my sister, can sleep at the drop of a hat at any time during the day and as often as they desire. She’s always been that way. She can sleep on a line in a storm, that girl. Not so me. No matter what time I come awake, I stay awake since I’m not in the habit of napping during the day. So, lately, whatever the time I come awake, it’s down to business: weaving, working on the store, inventorying yarn, or something, and it continues until the body decides enough.

How is it possible to weave at 2 AM or so in the morning? Thanks to LED lights. I brought back several of those with me when I came from China. Long flexible strips of light, bright white, and when plugged in they make the space with the tapestry loom seem like day.

Lousy sleep pattern or not, life is good!