Tabula rasa

I’m sitting here, at the table, the remains if brunsch (breakfast-lunch-snack) pushed aside on my end. On the other end, Freja sits, warped, weft-holding knots laid down, along with several passes of the hem, and I’m drawing a total blank.

This morning, after rising and prayers, I warped Freja as an act of faith that in going to Hong Kong I will be returning to China. If I come back to China from Hong Kong, that means no USA and no Mirrix. That means Vanity of Vanities either is woven 18″ wide on Freja or it is not. Vanity has fallen silent.

So, as I sit here contemplating the loom, I’m drawing a total blank about what to lay down on it. I have absolutely no idea. Zippo. Zilch. Nada.