It’s Been a While

It’s been a week and change since I’ve last blogged, a violation of my policy to post at least once a day. Bad me! Bad me!

Classes started, and I think it is time for me to get out of the classroom because I’m just tired of it. That’s a clear sign. So, I will complete my contract and walk away from the teacher’s desk, the text books, the grade books without a single regret. You have to know when to fold … unless, somehow, I mysteriously discover a renewed enthusiasm for teaching.

Complicating blogging, too, is that WordPress is inaccessible in China without a VPN or some kind of tunnel. Some tunnels don’t allow you to log in. HotSpotShield, which I use, sometimes is spotty. Fortunately, their support staff is very responsive and helpful.

So, what’s new? New yarn. I’ve bought some to list for sale at Simply Warped. I’m also going to buy yarn winders. Think of it like this, if I can use it to weave tapestry, I will buy it to sell. Also, I’ve been weaving on a box, when I’m not wasted sleeping, that is.

My friend Xiao Ning, unmoved by and uninterested in tapestry, unless they are really big–the Chinese love big–was fascinated by a small bag loom I made out of a piece of styrofoam. She then asked if I would make a bag for her, bigger, of course. Since Xiao Ning is a good friend, I agreed. We got the boxes which I duct taped together; she chose and bought the yarns she wanted, and I started. I think that calls for a post on box weaving.

In the course of showing Xiao Ning the small bag loom, her friend with the felting wool, I still can’t get her name, dropped by Xiao Ning’s shop, took an interest, wanted to know how to do it. Robert artists! So, I showed her and told her she could use the small box loom to practice. She’s not returned it to me yet. I’m not holding my breath, but I will hound her like a dog for my flat tapestry needle.