“The Farther off from England, the Nearer is to France”

This week, during one of the sleepless periods, I discovered how far Haywood is from where I live.

How come only now? Well, the iPad Maps app, even with Location turned off, only showed localities in China, and with Hanzi script, no less. (Apple has to do of something about that. They’re as annoying as Google and Bing, to name a few sites, who peek at your location even when Location and Do Not Track Me are off; then, they toss you pages in a language that you can’t read well or at all.)

What about GoogleEarth? As bad as Apple’s Maps. Nothing showed in the GE app on the computer; on the iPad, I couldn’t find anything about distance and such. So, until this week, I had no idea how near or far Haywood is from where I live.

Upon discovery of the distance and the difficulties in getting from Point A to Haywood, all I could say was dang! 7 hours worth of driving. The problem? No car. The BMW was wrecked by a woman who changed lanes without looking at what was happening in the lane she was moving into. The Nissan got sold whilst I was out of the country.

Trains? Amtrak has never heard of where Haywood is or of the city closest to it. In fact, I wonder if Amtrak has heard of North Carolina! To get from Point A to Haywood, first a train to maybe South Carolina, and then a 5+ hour Greyhound ride.

Planes? You would imagine that NC is somewhere in Southeast Asia; a ticket can cost $800+, and the journey’s duration would be anywhere from 5 to 11 hours! Some routes require a trip to Atlanta, a long wait, then a trip back up to NC. Frankly, right now, it will take an act of God to get me into an airplane. My skin hasn’t recovered yet from the dehydration that is part of the flight oxygen-deficient air.

So, what to do? I don’t know. I’m not stupid enough to solicit a ride via Craigslist though I have interviews at Haywood and with a prospective landlady. The logistics of getting from Point A to B argue against making two trips to NC because, even if somehow I get a car, the trip would be a two day-er. Two days of driving-induced stress because I don’t trust my eyesight enough to travel at night.

Best I can do is offer a selection of yarns, and gas, to someone who is willing to cart me and my luggage (clothes and yarns) down to NC.

Trust me to find a place off the beaten path!