The Fragrance of Raw Silk

Raw silk has a unique fragrance all its own. It’s a silky perfume that whispers “rich, decadent, luxurious, yum!” It just invites you to “bury your nose in me. You know you want to!” That invitation is irresistible.

Today, by happenstance, we bought silk batting, a lovely, rich white and creamy silk from mulberry-leaf-fed silkworms. We were walking along Gucheng Road after a trip to the bank when, lo and behold, we spied raw silk batting in the window of a silk shop.
Drawn by the prospect of caressing and inhaling that decadently luxurious silk fragrance, we went into the store and engaged the clerks in conversation. The upshot was a purchase of two pieces of silk batting. One piece is 1.6 KGs and almost the size of a full sized bed. The other piece is .1 KG and was purchased to experiment with spinning silk yarn.

This wonderful and richly fragranced length of silk batting can be yours for $130 USD, plus $30 shipping.
Just think of pampering yourself with a luxurious silk-filled comforter or a winter jacket with a wondrously warm silk-filled jacket lining.

UPDATE: Images added.