The Yarn Book

I used to plague my friend Ingrid about yarn sizes since she is definitely a more experienced weaver than I. Besides, I had tapestry yarns. Ingrid had and knew the rest, the linens, the cottolins, the wools, and such.

The last time I was in the USA, Ingrid gave me a page with a few samples of her linen yarns taped to it. That was the genesis of my Yarn Book.

What’s the Yarn Book? It’s a book in which I record information about every yarn I get as a sample or purchase, such as it’s composition, count, color shade, wraps per inch, microns, and price point. The book is instructional and could not have been put together without the help of vendors who sent samples so I could see sizes and colors and, in this way, be able to make good yarn-buying business decisions.

The day will come when I won’t need a yarn book; then, it will be educational for someone else.