Untempting temptation

Last night, after dinner, my friend XiaoNing took me to meet a friend of hers and fiber arts business woman who specializes in needle felting. She does designs, felts, and markets both designs and felting. I saw a fabulous bag, unfinished, that I want to purchase.

Her business is conducted out of an old apartment building. Communist butt ugly on the outside, but spacious on the inside with the usual cramped kitchen and porcelain hole toilet. Her workroom will occasion sighs of envy amongst needle felters everywhere. Here’s what the floor-to-ceiling shelves alongside one wall of the room looked like, and there was more in the hallway.


The wall is about 12’ long. Each of those bags on the shelf contain 20 kg/approx. 40 lbs. of 100% wool rolags, some from OZ and some from NZ sheep. The rolags come pre-dyed, and cost about 160 RMB/$26.50 USD per kilo or 2.2 pounds. So, each bag costs 3,200 RMB/$533.

Anyway, I was offered a needle felting kit and turned it down. Once upon a time, I would have taken it, tried it out, and distracted myself. That was then. This is now. All my passion is for tapestry weaving, and there’s no reservoir for passing fancies.