Vanity of Vanities

While pondering the wisdom of and the ability to weave Never Again!, Vanity of Vanities sits on the shelf waiting.

The design is not mine. It’s the work of Tom DuBois, an excellent artist. The Glimäkra Regina has been warped since last year summer, and the cartoon taped to the loom. Nevertheless, I can’t seem to pull the trigger.

Don’t ask me why. I’ve done the research, re-read Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs, pondered Solomon, the king. In spite of all of that, nothing.

Contrary to the previous ‘don’t ask me why’, the why of it perhaps pertains to this: I’ve not yet been able to make the art work mine. Sure, I’ve experimented with the image in PhotoShop, and though DuBois’s work is magnificent, it seems I must interpret the work before weaving it. By that, I mean this question must be answered: what do I see when I look at the original drawing?

The first glance at Ann Althouse’s image of a tree bole, vividly brought to mind not a tree bole, but a woman, specifically Boadicea, the warrior queen, who bled as both woman and queen. Therefore, I could modify Althouse’s image to bring into focus my personal vision of it. It is that “aha!” moment when you say, “yes! I’m not just copying somebody’s image in thread; I’m creating a new work!”

In relation to Vanity of Vanities, since that eureka has not yet been realized, the tapestry cannot be woven. Messing with color values and posterizing in PhotoShop is not enough to get there. There has to be something in the original drawing that is waiting to be brought into focus.

So far, that thing remains undiscovered.