Vanity of Vanities

The new-to-me Glimåkra Regina is warped for Vanity of Vanities, a study of Solomon in his old age by the artist Tom Dubois. The cartoon hangs behind the warps. Nevertheless, the tapestry has resisted being woven.

Meantime, it’s back to China.

Remember a couple of years ago I got a Mirrix Joni to take with me to China? For a really great price, too, since it came with treadles and a number of warp coils. Here’s a shocker: the Mirrix has never been used! Part of the reason is bad memory. The day I was leaving for China, the Mirrix was packed and placed in the hallway facing the front door. Yet, when the suitcases went to the car, the Mirrix didn’t. Instead, the backup Glimåkra Freja, in my large back pack, did. The Mirrix was only remembered at check in time.

So why isn’t the Mirrix going now? Frankly, I really don’t know much about weaving. I know tapestry weaving, so the Macomber 4-B, a monster studly four-harness is a bas lisse loom in my studio. I’ve woven a rug, never anything else than that other than tapestry.

So, the actual challenge is to learn to weave other things to inform the tapestry weaving. That’s why the Mirrix isn’t going, and that’s why I’ve been chasing a LeClerc Penelope because it’s a two-fer. I’d thought to take the Glimåkra Emilia with me cuz it has the double heddle kit. The problem is that tapestry needs greater tension than rigid heddle looms can provide, or that I can warp the Emilia to provide–the fault is in the weaver, dear Horatio, not in the loom! Consequently, I must, with great financial pain and suffering, buy a LeClerc Penelope.