Vietnamese Coffee

Have you ever been buzzed on coffee? We’re not talking about Starbucks’s expensive drinks with fancy names. We’re talking COFFEE. REAL COFFEE!

Recently, a young Vietnamese friend invited us to have a meal at a local Vietnamese restaurant. So, we went along and found a very nice place, which he said was typical of restaurants back in his country. A lot of decent restaurants are popping up now in China. Previously, a lot of them looked like hole in the wall joints with wet floors and such, sometimes with decent food. That is changing.

Anyway, Thong Ba ordered a glass of coffee for us, and when it came, it was a revelation. Rich, thick, flavorful, and with the exquisite, head spinning taste of a Guinness stout mixed with whole and condensed milk (to make it acceptable for children to drink). We were ecstatic and immediately fell in lust with the taste Vietnamese coffee. What made us fall in love with the coffee was our discovery that coffee of that strength would actually dispense with asthmatic wheezing.

So, we asked our friend if he could obtain 5 Kg of this wonderful coffee for us, along with the very simple drip coffee makers. This past weekend, Thong Ba went home and brought a huge amount of Trung Nguyen coffee, a couple tins of condensed milk, and the drip coffee makers. He did, indeed, and we took delivery of it today.
Upon returning home, we set about making our first mug of Vietnamese-style coffee. Here’s a imple recipe which will make a tall glass mug of strong, fragrant coffee:

  1. Put 1-2 tablespoons of condensed milk (according to your taste actually, and none is an option) into the coffee mug.
  2. Place the coffee maker over a mug or glass.
  3. Put 2 tablespoonsful of fantastic Trung Nguyen coffee (little less than half of the drip maker) into the drip coffee maker.
  4. Put the filter on top of the coffee.
  5. Pour hot water, and cover.
  6. Once the coffee brews, stir in the milk.
  7. Replace the drip coffee maker and add hot water.

Kick back and enjoy the feeling of the rods of your eyes standing on end. This coffee is as close to an orgasmic experience as you can get.