Weaving with Hemp

As everyone is likely aware by now, because we insist on saying it aloud, we know next to nothing about weaving anything that is not tapestry. We do know how to warp the loom–God be praised! So, to weave even a table mat, we must address ourselves to a book and follow the instructions diligently.

The determination to put the new Ashford to some stellar yeoman service requires some research if the goal is to be fulfilled. That quest led to this delightful discovery over at Elizabeth’s Fiber & Yarn Store

Determining Yardage with Count System Yardages for size 1 Fiber Count
Cotton, spun silk 840
Linen, hemp, jute, ramie 300
Woolen Yarn 256
Worsted Yarn 560

For Higher Count: Multiply the count times the yardage of size 1.
Size 20 (20/1) Cotton or Silk.
Multiple 840 yards by 20 = 16,800 yds/lb
The Second number indicates number of plies. Count Yardage/per lb
20/1 16800
20/2 8400
20/3 5600

Determine Sett using WPI, wraps per inch. epi, Ends per inch Balanced plain weave, WPI / 2 = epi
Warp face plain weave, WPI X 2 = epi
Weft face plain weave: WPI / 3 = epi
Balanced 2/2 twill: WPI x 2/3 = epi

It also yielded these two weaving prospects from Paloma Textiles: Weaving Notes: a hemp scarf and a gauzy hemp sample.

Now we are loaded for bear, er, hemp.