Whoo hoo!

What took half an hour to an hour to weave was a whole day in he unweaving. Still, it’s mission accomplished without any injury to the warp threads. The warp is 80/6 60% silk-40% cotton, or something like that, and I’m amazed at how strong it is. It doesn’t snap, unravel, break, or flop (like linen would). It’s just tremendously strong and stand up to all kinds of abuses. Maybe it’s goodbye to the warp I’ve been using and hello silk cotton—if I can get Henry to produce it in 12/9 for me. Anyway, one section has been rewoven, and the next section is waiting.

Looking at the first section that was picked apart and redone, I like it. I’m hoping that MWL can be completed before I board the plane in Guangzhou, or someplace like that, cuz I’m not sure what the security bureaucrats would say about a Mirrix being boarded, what with the metal bits and all that.