Finally! I got The Store working on the main site with a lot of help from the OrillaCart guys at WordPress.

The big problem? Slight configuration and data sequencing input problems. The OrillaCart guys sent helpful information, requested access to the backed of the site and made some more changes, and voilà! Simply Warped, the yarn store, is up and running smoothly.

You’ve just got to appreciate the beauty of OrillaCart. I’ve spent a year and more exploring software on which to run Simply Warped, and in every instance! I brought the site down! rejecting the software for one reason or another.

Then, just last week, after the limitations of Simple Cart proved too much (I lost buyers who had problems with the site), by chance I glanced at OrillaCart, found it was a free plugin, installed it, and set about configuring it. After some errors I contacted the OrillaCart team, and they solved a lot of issues.

So, the site is up, I’m inventorying all the stock by weight and count, something not possible in Simple Cart, and am rejoicing that when stuff is sold out I will know about it without having to do a manual check.

If you want to run you own store in WordPress, go for OrillaCart. It’s a free plugin, has great features, is easy if you do things right, and the designers provide fantastic support.