Yarns and Dyes

This morning, came two samples of 100% viscose from the Hong Kong vendor: flat 8NM/1, undyed viscose and a 120D/30F shiny undyed viscose. The flat viscose is a lovely yarn, strong, and breeding fantastic dreams of handwoven jackets, even slacks, of using the yarn for both warp and weft.

The shiny viscose, the end of which has yet to appear, since it seems to have hidden itself under coils of itself, would make lovely fine to sheer fabric. Blouses, maybe the thong my best bud wants, better silk for that, though, something sheer and sensuous that slides luxuriously against the skin…. Oh, gee, I appear to be talking myself into purchasing this or the finer 150D/30F filament! See! See! Words do have power, but not always where they should. Still, a most immediate use for the shiny viscose is to create special effects on the tapestry Men Without Limits.

The viscose, like most of the yarns purchased this past year, is undyed. Behold! In undyed yarns is self-created great opportunity to get involved in natural dyeing. So began the great dye vendor hunt!

A couple of weeks ago, I found a dye vendor who at first resisted my rhetorical charms, then succumbed, only somehow to have been vaccinated against them in the two days before I responded to his dye color charts overture. Since then, like a jilt, he’s not responded to any arguments, protestations, or pleas that the money of a small business is as good as that of a large one. So far, the water has not worn down the stone. However, a more complaisant party may be awaiting me in the wings. Dye vendors are a dime a dozen, is the new motto. One goes, one comes.

What light is it at yonder window breaks?

Why, it’s a new dye vendor, this time a natural dye vendor! A seller of purple, scarlet, saffron yellows, and indigo has swanned up on the horizon, and I’m nigh swooning at the thought.