Yeah, baby!

Today, a left side section of the tapestry, two inches wide at its apogee, arrived at the finish line. This tells me that the tapestry will definitely be completed before my departure for Hong Kong.

Once the other sections are done, all that remains is to weave and tie off the hem, and to block the tapestry.

MWL has been woven with a variety of silks, a little bit of wool, and a minuscule amount of blended yarn. So, with this sort of yarn composition, I’ve to do some research to determine if blocking is at all necessary.

Every time I finish a tapestry, I get this fantastic rush and stay a little hopped up (without herbal or chemical aids) for a while.

Let’s see which tapestry next demands to be put on the design table. The Vendor has begun to position herself in the wings, but who knows?